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The First International Conference on Energy and AI
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Invitation & Call for Abstracts 

The First International Conference on Energy and AI

Tianjin, China
Jan 9-11, 2020

Organized by

Tianjin University, China

Sponsored by



The First International Conference on Energy and AI (ICEAI, 2020) aims to provide an authoritative platform for leading academic scientists and research scholars to exchange and share the latest research progress in the cross-disciplinary area of energy and AI, focusing on the innovative applications of AI to address the critical challenges in energy systems, energy materials, energy chemistry, energy utilization & conversion, energy & society, as well as other important pressing issues. The conference also aims to promote the development of AI technologies for advancing the energy, decarbonization and sustainable development, such as data-driven approaches, optimization algorithms and AI ethics. ICEAI is a flagship conference for cutting-edge researches at the interface between the energy and AI. It will foster new collaborations between academia and industry in the fields of energy and AI.



Focal points of the conference include, but are not limited to:


AI, energy and society


AI for human factors in energy related activities


AI for life-cycle assessment of energy & decarbonization  roadmaps


AI safety, reliability and ethics for energy


Automation of science discovery related to energy materials and chemistry


Data-driven design of energy materials and systems


Data science for energy applications


Digital twin or big data analytics of complex energy processes/ systems


Hybrid data-driven and physical modelling for energy related  problems


Hardware for data collections in energy systems


Internet-of-things and cyber-physical energy systems


Intelligent control of energy systems


Virtual reality applied to energy and environment



·      10 Nov, 2019: Open for registration and abstract submission (abstract only for oral presentation)

·      10 Dec, 2019: Confirmation of oral presentations

Researchers are encouraged to present their research work through oral presentations during the conference by submitting abstracts in advance. We will confirm the oral presentation as soon as possible after receiving the abstract. No full paper is required by the conference. Researchers without submitting an abstract are also welcome to participate in this conference. All accepted abstracts will be included in the conference proceedings. Excellent presentations will be recommended to publish in the leading journal in this area launched by the State Key Lab of Engines and Elsevier: Energy and AI. The Editor-in-Chief of this Journal is Prof. Donghan Jin, the President of Tianjin University and Fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering.The editorial board meeting of this journal will also be held during this conference.


Prof. Raffaella Ocone, Heriot-Watt University, UK

Prof. Kui Jiao, Tianjin University, China

Prof. Jin Xuan, Loughborough University, UK



Prof. Adrian Bejan, Duke University, US

Dr.    Wenmiao Chen, Weichai Power, China

Prof. Qing Du, Tianjin University, China

Prof. Fei Gao, University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard, France

Prof. Jinlong Gong, Tianjin University, China

Dr.    Zhongjun Hou, SAIC Motors, China

Prof. Hong Geun Im, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Donghan Jin, Tianjin University, China

Prof. Xianguo Li, University of Waterloo, Canada

Dr.    Yufeng Li, China North Engine Research Institute, China

Dr.    Shuangxi Liu, China Automotive Technology and Research Center, China

Prof. Henrik Madsen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Prof. Pingwen Ming, Tongji University, China

Prof. Meng Ni, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Dr.    Jae Wan Park, University of California, Davies, US

Prof. Zhiguo Qu, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Dr.    Saher Al Shakhshir, Nicola Motor, US

Prof. Gequn Shu, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Prof. Miros?aw J. Skibniewski, University of Maryland, College Park, US

Dr.    Fang Wang, China Automotive Technology and Research Center, China

Prof. Hai Wang, Stanford University, US

Dr.    Huizhi Wang, Imperial College London, UK

Prof. Yun Wang, University of California, Irvine, US

Dr.    Billy Wu, Imperial College London, UK

Dr.    Fu Xiao, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Prof. Mingfa Yao, Tianjin University, China

Dr.    Nada Zamel, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Germany

Prof. Jiujun Zhang, Shanghai University, China

Prof. Junhong Zhang, Tianjin University, China

Dr.    Ziliang Zhao, China FAW Group, China

Prof. Binfeng Zu, Tianjin Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute, China               


Dr.   Fuqiang Bai, Tianjin Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute

Dr.   Shuai Deng, Tianjin University

Dr.   Ting Guo, China Automotive Technology and Research Center

Ms.   Ning Han, Tianyuan Power

Ms.    Qian Liang, Tianjin University

Dr.    Jiewei Lin, Tianjin University

Prof. Haifeng Liu, Tianjin University

Dr.    Zhi Liu, Tianjin University

Dr.    Yanzhou Qin, Tianjin University

Prof. Hua Tian, Tianjin University

Mr.   Bowen Wang, Tianjin University

Mr.   Yifan Xu, Tianjin University

Dr.    Yan Yin, Tianjin University

Dr.    Fan Zhang, Tianjin University

Dr.    Junfeng Zhang, Tianjin University



The conference will be composed of Plenary, Keynote and Regular Presentations.



RMB 3500 /US $ 500 (before Dec 10, 2019)
RMB 3850 /US $ 550 (after Dec 10, 2019)
RMB 2800 /US$ 400 (before Dec 10, 2019)
RMB 3150 /US $ 450 (after Dec 10, 2019)
The registration fees include refreshments, tea, coffee, lunch and dinner during the days of the conference and a banquet. The detailed registration and accommodation information for ICEAI 2020 is on the website:



Refund with remittance charge deducted will be processed after the conference. 75% registration fee will be refunded before Dec 15, 2019, while no fees will be refunded after Dec 15, 2019.



The ICEAI 2020 will be held in Tianjin, China, on January 9-11, 2020. Tianjin is the first batch of coastal open cities located in north China. Its name “Tianjin” means “the place where the emperor crossed the river”, where the Haihe River connects the imperial capital (Beijing) with Bohai Sea. Since the Ming Dynasty in 1404. Tianjin was formally built and became the only city in ancient China with exact time record. In modern age, Tianjin became the frontier of reform and opening up in north China and the base of westernization movement in modern China. After more than 600 years, it has created a combination of chinese and western, ancient and modern compatible unique city style. It is also the originated and prospered place of many cultures including Tianjin Allegro, Beijing Opera, Crosstalk etc. Tianjin is the main node of the economic corridor of China, Mongolia and Russia, the strategic fulcrum of the Maritime Silk Road, the intersection of the One Belt One Road, and the nearest eastern starting point of the Eurasian Land Bridge. It is an international comprehensive transportation hub clearly defined in the central document. Tianjin is also the city with the highest density and higher education in China. It has an important position in the country, which is full of creativity.

Tianjin Eye

 Italian Style Town




Secretariat of ICEAI 2020

Dr. Zhi Liu

Dr. Yanzhou Qin

Contact: iceai@tju.edu.cn

Tel: +86-16622723881


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